Tuesday, 16 March 2010

March: Mumbai weekend

At the Gateway to India - so thrilling hearts are growing out my back!

March: Still lovin Goa

Feb/March: Goa - My rejuvenating paradise

Sonja's magical getaway home

(photo 1) Goddess Sonja so open and freeeeeeeee

(photo 2) Fun on the balcony overlooking a very swimable "clean" lake.

(photo 3) Loving ambience

(photo 4) Squashed in for the auto ricksaw ride home.

(photo 5) As the magical lake slips away the chaos of Indian life revs upon us.


(photo 1) My adorable pink room with swing chair looking out the window. Even had a mattress made of coconut husks.

(photo 2) Massage friends getting together for lunch.

(photo 3) Then off to the park to play.

(photo 4 & 5) These girls could do amazing things. Viktoria upsidedown used to be in the circus.

Jan/Feb: Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Course

(photo 1) Kusum our master and Ayurvedic Yoga Massage creator. She's in her 70's but on one side she's still like a child - full of life and love. The other side is totally authoritarian strict old-school teacher - if you breath the whip comes out!

(photo 2) Our celebration lunch - Indian style.

(photo 3) The hand.

(photo 4) Our group photo in the photo album we gave Kusum.

(photo 5) Going through the album.

(photos 6 to 9) Clowning around to celebrate end of course.

(photo 10) a sing-a-long.

(photo 11) Friends Angela and Neha.

(photo 12) the rooftop classroom.

(photo 13) The morning group heart connection.

(photo 14) Kusum everyday in a sari with a single long plait.

(photo 15) Alegria, Natalia, Maria so many names.... Ahh she's soooo adorable, full of love and vibrant Brazilian energy.

(photo 16) Chai break